Our Destination

Our Destination

As Uzman Brake Systems, the biggest goal of our company is to reach more people by continuing to increase the customer satisfaction rate day by day. While we have been constantly improving ourselves since 1985 when we entered the automotive sector, we research the expectations of our customers in every step we take and include R&D studies to meet these expectations. Our company, which has managed to create one of the most preferred and trusted brand values ​​of the sector in Turkey today, works with the aim of showing the same success abroad and continues to progress steadily every day with firm steps towards its goal of becoming "a world brand".

Aiming to deliver our products, which will add confidence and prestige to your life with the awareness of the task we undertake, at the most economical prices possible, our company meticulously carries out all the necessary work to achieve this goal. Our company, which closely follows the sector, which develops at a great pace and where new products with superior features are released every day, increases its product range and provides its customers with the opportunity to use the latest products. Our purchasing department, which conducts market research in order to offer more economically priced products without compromising on quality, also works to provide our valued customers with the opportunity to shop at the most advantageous conditions by constantly updating our price lists.

As Uzman Brake Systems, our aim is to always provide unconditional, uninterrupted and trouble-free service to our customers who prefer us for automotive spare parts, especially brake systems. We give our promise as a promissory note, and we work to deliver every order we receive at the latest on the promised date and on time. Our brand, which provides order acceptance and order delivery processes with the seriousness that will make each of our customers feel that they are working with a corporate brand in the shopping they have made, makes us feel that we are a family in commercial relations, as in the past days.

Our company, which remains loyal to its deep-rooted ties from the past, but always turns its face to the future, continues to successfully walk towards its target of leadership in the sector by benefiting from the developing technology today thanks to the sectoral experiences it has gained in the past. Our company, where each of its employees is selected from among the best, listens to the demands of the customers to the finest detail and works to meet these demands completely, continues its services by adhering to the principle of real unconditional customer satisfaction. In this way, we strive to ensure that all our customers, from the largest customer we work to the customer with the smallest transaction volume, are satisfied with the trade they have made, and we aim to do our best to improve this satisfaction.

We listen to the demands of our customers, shape these demands together and make a plan that will ensure that every accepted order is delivered to our customers under the best conditions. We continue to serve our customers before, during and after receiving their orders, in short, whenever they need us, and we continue to provide support with the awareness that trade should be long-term.

It is among our goals to maintain our success abroad, which we have achieved in the country, and in line with this aim, we continue our foreign investments and market studies meticulously.

We continue to work within the scope of the plans realized in line with our goal of making Specialized Brake Systems the market leader in Turkey in the short term and among the strongest brands of the sector worldwide in the long term. Our biggest supporters in these works are our valued customers, who always continue to be with us and whom we now accept as our family.